Sunday, 17 February 2013

Latest Hair Mineral Analysis Results

Well, I have just received my latest retest HMA results and interpretation from Arizona and very encouraging and exciting the news is too!

It would seem that there have been some dramatic shifts over the past 6 months, so let me start by going through these in something resembling a sensible order.
Firstly, my body is currently choosing to continue to dump large levels of both Aluminium and Mercury, but, due to an increase in energy at a cellular level (a good improvement) it's also choosing to offload lots of Iron as well as Manganese and Lead. That's four heavy metals and one toxic mineral!
Macro mineral levels have also altered significantly. My Calcium level is still way too high, but has come down a little. The other three initial macro mineral levels which are Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium,  have all more or less doubled, which is a huge improvement. This brings them much closer to their ideal levels. My Zinc level has dropped which is not good, but according to Dr Wilson this may well be connected to the levels of Mercury coming out, as the body replaces Zinc with Mercury when there is not enough. My Chromium level has almost trippled! This is very good news, as it's now at the ideal level. Chromium is essential for regulation of blood sugar, and I have to say I feel that my energy levels are hugely improved and on an even keel. I no longer get those nasty hypoglycemic moments during the day, those peaks and troughs I used to suffer regularly. I often felt the only remedy was to consume something sugary, and this would send me in the other direction, so I'm very pleased with this improvement. My Phosphorous level has dropped and was already low.  Phosphorous is a biproduct of protein digestion. This would denote that I'm either not consuming enough protein, or my body is simply not able to utilise the protein efficiently. I believe the latter is the problem.
Perhaps more important than individual mineral levels as Dr. Paul Eck, the founder of NB Science discovered, is the relationship between them. On this 2nd retest most of my mineral ratios have improved. The first ratio, Calcium to Magnesium, also known as the blood sugar ratio, has come down from 33.00 to 16.25, practically half. This also implies a huge difference in my attitude and approach to life, for the better. I am still in what is known as a 'Spiritual Defensiveness' pattern, but have made a dramatically favourable shift. The ideal is 6.67, so I still have a long way to go here!

Next up is the Calcium to Potassium ratio, also known as the Thyroid ratio. Calcium slows down the release of thyroid hormones, Potassium speeds it up. The ideal is 4.00. On my last test I was at 16.50, and this test shows a level of  9.29, so it's nearly halved, fantastic!
My adrenal ratio, Sodium to Magnesium, has dropped from 5.50 to 4.25, and the ideal is 4.17, so I am now out of the Sympathetic Dominance pattern and my adrenal glands are almost functioning normally. 
Finally, the vitality ratio, Sodium to Potassium, has gone back into an inversion, as it was on my original test. This simply means that my body is retracing some layer of past illness. This ratio is crucial, as it governs the permeability of the cells, ie; how readily they can absorb and exchange nutrients and conduct chemical and metabolic processes.

I am really very happy with the progress that I'm making. I think the decision to come off my thyroid medication can definately be seen reflected in the marked improvements in all my minerals and mineral ratios, as drugs invariably slow down the healing process. As these levels and relationships increase my body will gain energy and strength, and in it's innate wisdom will continue to dump metals and toxins, and to peel off the layers of disease and ill health in the order which it sees fit.

If you would like to learn more about Nutritional Balancing Science, and the benefits of a true, deep healing programme, then please check out Dr. Wilson's site here:

Until next time,


Julia :-)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Update for January 2013

As I write this, I watch fine snow falling in a thick blizzard outside my window, gently but persistently covering everything it settles on. 
It has been close to six months since my last update, and there is much to report regarding my healing programme and current progress.
I am going to be sending off my third hair sample for mineral analysis in about a month and am excited to see changes in mineral levels, mineral ratios and heavy metals. I've no doubt that things have shifted, as I not only feel changes in my physical body, but my emotional state also.

Symptoms of metal 'dumping' as it's fondly described, are regular, and seem to affect me most when I up my intake of Kelp. They are also more acute when I use the infra red sauna regularly,  and when I am either ovulating, or menstruating. This leads me to deduce that symptoms are clearly magnified by my hormone levels, which fluctuate with my monthly cycle. At these two points in the month, my energy levels decrease dramatically, my skin dries out and my sleep is disturbed. Backing off the Kelp really helps, as this seems to make insomnia much worse, and affects my heart rate also. Many would suggest that with a thyroid condition the kelp should be avoided, but with NB Science it is believed to be essential for balanced thyroid function due to the levels of Iodine. This isn't the only reason for taking kelp with NB; kelp absorbs heavy metals, and therefore a good source (NEVER take cheap kelp!) instigates the elimination of these dangerous substances from the body's organ tissues.
I'm now getting good at timing the reduction in kelp as and when these symptoms are most acute.

I have noticed a particularly interesting development in the last six months or so regarding my ability to feel things. When I say 'feel', I don't mean being able to detect simple sensation, such as pinching ones arm, or touching a hot stove. This feeling is coming from within. I am slowly, gradually, increasingly able to feel myself from within. As a result of this, emotional states which are mirrored in physical, energetic states, are positively palpable. If something happens which makes me feel uncomfortable, I actually experience physical sensation. Another way of explaining this is to say that whenever my emotional buttons are pushed, I feel it in my body.

This being able to feel is only half the story however. What's occuring more and more, is a growing awareness of these feelings, as and when they happen. I believe this increase in awareness is a result of the regular meditation practice I do everyday, as well as the supplements and diet. I've known for some time that I am a 'head' person, and not good at being in my body, and therefore, to begin with this new development has been really disconcerting, and at times, if I'm completely honest, overwhelming. The main reason for this is perhaps the fact that the feelings I experience and the emotions that are coming up are invariably those that I would otherwise be suppressing. Not surprisingly, these are the emotions and energies of fear, anger and guilt. I am being kind when I say they are unpleasant. They are powerful, and they illuminate shadow, areas of myself that I would rather leave untouched. I am now however, firmly of the belief that they are coming up to be embraced and more importantly integrated, and are an instrinsic part of the process of deep and thorough healing.

This realisation; that some areas of my healing are not going to be processed and explained by my cognitive abilities, but by my body, energy and emotions, is a wonderful truth which, although I still don't fully comprehend it (and perhaps my mind never shall), has become a torch in times of difficulty and darkness in the past months. It is also, for someone who has spent much of her lifetime in her head, analysing and explaining her way through life, virgin territory.

I shall update again once I've received my latest interpretation of my hair sample, due for posting in early February.

Listen to your body in these Winter months; don't overdo it, eat well, get plenty of sleep and check in with your breathing daily.



Monday, 3 September 2012

My last update was back in mid-June, and I can't quite believe as I write this that we somehow find ourselves in September!
I have been busy adhering to my Nutrional Balancing programme as much as possible, and finally feel that I've got into some sort of rhythm with things on most days. With detox procedures which assist the body's main eliminative organs with their job, preparing fresh healthy meals, meditation sessions and getting adequate sleep, the programme asks for considerable commitment and discipline.
Of course, with Yoga and Classical music studies in my past I've had some practice at this.

I received the results of my first hair sample retest about a month ago, and, most importantly, I have my audiofile with the skilled interpretation of the analysis. There have been some big changes in a couple of things. Several of my macro mineral levels have changed dramatically. The macro minerals are the seven minerals considered to be the most important in body chemistry. NB narrows the initial focus to the first four, namely; Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Sodium (Na) and Potassium (K). The founder of the NB science, Dr Paul Eck, discovered that even more important than the individual levels of these four minerals, were the relationships between them. He called these the mineral ratios. Certain mineral ratios he linked with key issues within the body's metabolic and cellular functions, such as the Ca/Mg ratio, which he named the blood sugar ratio.
On this current test, my Ca/Mg ratio has widened which means it's taken a down turn. I've been told this is effected by the consumption of too many sweets or refined carbs, but seeing as I have continued to eliminate these from my diet since mid-January, this trend actually denotes something called retracing. Retracing is pretty unique to deep healing techniques, as it's a process the body and mind go through when peeling off layers of illness. The body is clever and creates compensation patterns until illness advances so far that the body can't cope and symptoms reach uncomfortable levels. Most of us turn to medications at this point, as I myself have done in the past, and often times these can be necessary to limit potentially life-threatening conditions, but not always. As the body truly heals, compensation patterns and layers begin to peel away over time, and the problems may even resurface, such as a condition that started out as acute, and then became chronic. This process happens in reverse as the condition or compensation leaves the body, returning to an acute condition and then 'coming off'. It actually, makes perfect sense, but is not an easy process to honour, as it requires courage and a good deal of patience. It's no overnight fix, but it is thorough.

Next up is some good news. My adrenal ratio has improved! I'm not out of the woods yet, in fact, I'm showing yet more signs of de-compensation or retracing in this area too, but the work is underway, which is wonderful, and would explain why my energy levels fluctuate dramatically.
My vitality ratio has also improved. Perhaps the icing on the cake with this most recent test, is the evidence that I have 'dumped' half the Mercury I was carrying, and almost half the Aluminium!
Apparently, practically everyone today is harbouring toxic levels of up to a dozen heavy metals. Many of these metals are considered necessary for health at low levels, and come under the heading of trace minerals, such as Aluminium and Arsenic.
Currently, I am dumping Mercury, Aluminium, Lead and Arsenic. Whilst being incredibly exciting and positive, this would help to explain why I have been feeling so rough these past three to four months! Sleep has been difficult, thought patterns have been erratic and much brain fog (or brain 'frog' as I described it not long ago!) has been evident. I've also had powerful bouts of anxiety. These are caused by Mercury and Aluminium dumping. As these metals come loose from organs such as the liver, brain tissue and ovaries, they have to pass into the blood on their way out of the body, and at this point they do further damage......of course.

It is still early days with this healing programme. I am five months in and already seeing amazing signs of healing. I am beginning to feel that things are improving, and to see the results in black and white is very reassuring.

If you're interested in this method or know someone with health issues that might be, please take the time to look at Dr Wilson's site, where there are over 600 articles on all manner of health conditions ranging from physical to mental and emotional:

Until next time,


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

As I write this post, I have been on the Nutritional Balancing Programme developed by emminent bio-chemist Dr Paul Eck , and continued by Dr. L Wilson, for ten weeks. The programme is designed to work slowly and therefore gently, but thoroughly, so healing takes place over months and years rather than days and weeks. 
So far, so good. I have been keeping a diary of sorts, and reporting on various interesting moments along my journey, namely healing or cleansing reactions en route. To understand the way deep healing works, it is best to study Dr Wilson's website. There are many articles on the site which discuss most physical conditions and disease, as well as mental illnesses, all of which can be significantly affected if one applies the patience and discipline and adheres to the programme.  

My interest in the programme was initially sparked when I read of Wilson's experience (and superior knowledge and study of) an auto-immune thyroid condition known as Graves' Disease, which I have suffered from for the past seven years. Wilson's continued exploration of such conditions is linked with the programmes that he and his team of doctors prescribe to individuals, based on mineral and nutritional imbalance findings from hair samples which are carefully analysed. It is not enough to simply analyse the results, however. One must know how to interpret them , and this is where Dr Eck's initial research and development, and Wilson's continued study over the past 30 years has helped over 100 people with this condition, a condition, which the medical profession considers incurable.

Wilson's work is priceless, as the medics are clearly doing nothing to get to the bottom of thyroid issues, which are increasingly common today. He sights the medical establishments inability to address the thyroid as one of the most significant failures in allopathic or conventional modern medicine. I am inclined to agree.

Anyway, having set the backdrop, let's get back to the healing journey. It is important to see progress as a journey when embarking on a programme such as this. Results are not instant as they are with many medications and even holistic treatments, which alleviate symptoms quickly, giving us the illusion of well-being.

So far, I have been applying the diet and additional supplements, and doing regular detox work everyday. Certain procedures are necessary daily if one is to aid the body in releasing harmful heavy metals and other toxins which have been stored in organs such as the liver and the brain. The supplements address the nutritional imbalances, and a diet of mainly cooked vegetables, good fats  and some meat protein everyday helps to supply the body with badly needed nutrients. 

To begin with I found the lack of sugar in my diet a problem, as I craved carbohydrates, but these cravings have dissipated over time, and I have now excluded all sugar and only eat complex carbs a couple of times a day, replacing them with vegetables whenever I can. I didn't think that I could live without chocolate, and it turns out, I can!
Some of the healing symptoms have been digestive, and I have noticed a lot of noise coming from my stomach at certain times! I always thought my digestion was good, but according to my hair analysis, this is not the case.
I have had trouble sleeping, and my mind has been consumed by erratic and fearful thoughts, often late at night.  Some nights the disturbance has felt physical too, as if I have a lot of nervous energy and just need to get up and run it off. 
My skin has flared up with bouts of eczema coming and going, and various menstrual symptoms too. Other interesting reactions are fluctuations in temperature and cramping which feels like it is stemming from the region of my liver, and aching lower back around the kidneys.
Some days I am incredibly tired, despite getting plenty of sleep, an crucial factor of the programme. I have had the odd sore throat (very mild), and occasionally a  nasty tasting thick mucus which drips down the back of my throat, but these do not last long.
Most recently, I have had the feeling that I am more grounded, more 'in my body'. At certain times I have noticed a strange feeling in my body, like a wave of energy which travels through me like a quiet shock wave. I experienced this last night, and am curious to know what it is. To begin with, lying in bed, I was uncomfortable with the sensation, and countered it's onset by fidgeting around under the bedclothes, but I made a conscious effort to 'sit with it' as the waves hit rhythmically. This helped a good deal, and made me experience the sensation rather than avoid it.
As someone who spends a good deal of time in her head, I know that grounding is essential for me. My meditation exercise is really helping with this, and I am feeling curious as to how this will unfold....

More as and when,



Saturday, 7 April 2012

It's been a while. Having fallen into relapse with an auto-immune thyroid condition, the end of 2011 did not go at all as I had expected. I was gravely ill and life took an abrupt turn.
Since recovering and getting life back to a state of normality, I have been investigating my condition and others like it, doing many hours of research. In early January I suddenly felt compelled to empower myself and really get to know what I am dealing with.
After many weeks rolled into months, I finally began to piece together a profile of all things thyroid. There has been an overspill of course. Anything concerning the body and it's varying functions and systems means that we are inevitably not dealing with just one gland. It has been a truly fascinating time for me. Without a discipline such as Yoga, I do not think I would have had the patience or even the interest in my body to bother trying to get to the bottom of this.
I have, needless to say, had some interesting conversations with my consultant regarding alternative methods of treatment. Western medics seem to be blinkered in their outlook. My own experience of this is echoed all over the internet by many others, who have had similar responses when voicing interest in other healing approaches and protocols. There is a distinct lack of enthusiasm which overspills into disdain.
I would find this easier to swallow if the Western approach to much of the disease we are facing in the world today (and it is all around us let's face it) was actually curing people, but the simple fact is, it isn't.
During my research I came across the same story over and over again. My conclusion from these gleanings and my own experience dealing with this illness for the past 7 years....? Medicine as we know it is not curing people, it is simply providing symptomatic relief.
You could argue that this is not medicine's fault. Many people, when faced with illness or pain want instant relief. This is understandable. Drugs and medicines provide this relief. They also provide results. Unfortunately, many of these positive results are based on observable phenomena reflected in the negation of the symptom. Symptoms are often merely surface indicators of underlying issues and imbalances. They are a little like the warning lights that appear on the dashboard of your car.
To truly heal oneself, it is necessary to make adjustments to diet, lifestyle and many areas of life, as imbalance in the body is multi-faceted, like the body itself.

I am embarking on a healing programme at the present time, one which will be ongoing over the coming months and years.
As things progress I shall report points of interest along the way.

In the meantime, if you or anyone you know would find this interesting, please forward the link to my blog, and check out the link below to learn more about deep healing versus symptom removal:

Warm Regards and a Happy Easter,


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

dear friends and Yogis,

I've been thinking a great deal recently about what brings people to Yoga. For many of us it's initially a need to do something physical. A desire to 'become more flexible'. The majority of the world still views Yoga very much as something that requires and promotes mobility, sometimes of breathtaking proportion!
Some of us become frustrated by other forms of exercise so we turn to Yoga, and others actively seek it out as a possible practice that can help us combat the stresses and strains of our hectic lives. More and more people are waking up to Yoga's potential for their minds as well as their bodies.
The fascinating thing is, these two elements are intrinsically linked. There are many philosophies that have recognised the powerful connection between body and mind for many hundreds of years, Yoga is just one.
Those of us who come to Yoga through a need to help ourselves with health issues, have often become disillusioned with Western medicine, perhaps because we feel that it doesn't really deal with the whole picture. We turn to Yoga (and other more holistic treatments) as a means to benefit our 'selves' in a more 'whole'some fashion. The fact is that Western science is finally cottoning on to this idea that what affects the mind also affects the body, but it's slow to take shape and to take root. We've all known for some time that stress is bad for our hearts, and yet we continue to rush around and not make time for ourselves. Have you ever noticed that the times when you need a Yoga class the most, are the very occasions when you don't seem to have enough time to go? The very thing that you need and should make time for, is the one thing that is edged out of your day. We all do it!

I have a huge passion and belief in our ability to heal ourselves. We all have this potential. We need to implement it. The idea of self-maintenance needs to start earlier in life.  We need to instill in ourselves the idea that our minds and our bodies need a certain amount of care and attention (if we start early enough it becomes a pleasurable part of our routine).  You wouldn't live in a house for 70 years or so and not expect to do any structural maintenance work on it, would you? Why should your body and your mind be any different? After all they are the 'housing' that carry 'you' around your life, and enable you to do whatever it is that you do.
We have a long way to go before this approach becomes the norm and please remember; maintenance doesn't simply refer to exercise, it's also about taking time to restore and nurture, introducing and cultivating an awareness of your state of mind and how you feel emotionally. This requires space to allow a little breath work and gravity to enter the equation. Space of course requires time, and time is the thing that we all seem to have so little of.
Next time you find yourself pushing your Yoga practice or class to the bottom of your priority list, remind yourself how important that time really is. It's a window of opportunity and a vital part of your maintenance programme. It's not an extra or a luxury. It's integral to your health. Invest some time, and you will reap the benefits both in your physical and your mental well-being.
We only have one body, one mind. Let's give it some well earned TLC


Julia ♥

Friday, 29 July 2011

An invitation...

Dear fellow Yogis,

As late summer draws closer, the late afternoon sun starts to descend and slant ever lower and quicker, and we can start to feel the days shortening around us.
Take some time over the next few weeks to consciously be in the moment. This is of course a good deal easier when we're on holiday, away from the pressures of our job or daily routine. So it is in fact the perfect time to set aside a few moments throughout your day to really 'BE' where ever you find yourself.
  Many people find the idea of some form of mediation sounds wonderful, but the practicality of actually manifesting it quite a challenge. Meditation can take many forms, and is a versatile practice, as it can be done pretty much anywhere. If you walk regularly and find yourself out amongst fields, trees and open spaces, take a moment to pause. Slow your steps and find somewhere to sit and just breathe. Close your eyes and notice the sounds and sensations around you. If you can draw your mind away from it's usual incessant chatter, you are on the road to cultivating some control over it's meanderings. Even if this control only lasts a few seconds, if you practice (and we all need to practice this!) in time it will get easier.
Why is this necessary? Why bother, what's the point? Is there a point to meditation? You could argue that there isn't. You could argue that the fact that there is no point, IS the point. Why should everything have a point, or a reason or an end result? Isn't it often just as much about the process? Living in such a goal-driven society this can be a hard concept to embrace at times.
Perhaps one of the most significant results of a regular meditative practice is a gradual quietening of some of the louder, more disturbing voices in our heads. Many of us frequently have unnecessary conversations with ourselves about things, people and events that aren't constructive and only cause us to experience more Duhkha which I touched on in my last post. We dwell on past happenings ( and indeed, anything that isn't happening in this very moment, even if it took place a few minutes previously, is in the past), we also fabricate future scenarios, building sand castles in thin air. Meditating on the moment you are in, helps bring you back to the now, and the actual nature of things as they truly are. The nature of something remains undisturbed by what goes on around it. We all have this natural state at our very centre,  and the more we persevere to quieten the noise in our heads, the more we can come to this place. It's not easily found when the volume dial of the mind is cranked up to ten.
Start with your breath. Yoga teaches us to 'Yoke' the body and the mind by using the breath. It is our greatest tool, and provides a magical link between the physical and the mental and emotional if we employ it often. Put in the simplest of terms, all that Yoga is asking us to do is to consciously breathe. On our mats, every movement is transformed into a meditation as we link these three elements. Off our mats we can still practice Yoga by uniting body, breath and mind. Much of the crazy world around us can positively discourage this union, so make time to explore it.
Bring yourself back to your breath and experience yourself as you do this. Witness the nature of yourself in the moment, breath to breath. Doing this regularly you are not only truly practicing Yoga, but you are connecting with a place within that remains undisturbed by the turbulence of life. Picture this place as similar to the depths of the ocean, unmoved by the currents and tides at the surface.  It is yours to explore when ever and where ever you chose. You are invited, so come on in, the water's lovely.
Julia ❤